About the project

About the project

Ingrid Hagen was appointed as a research fellow in the Norwegian Programme for Artistic Research on October 1st 2011.

1st: Professor Torleif Torgersen (Grieg Academy, University of Bergen)
2nd: Dr. Maria Bania (Academy of Music & Drama, University of Gothenburg)

Intoduction to the Project Description:

The motivation for this project is a deep fascination for the music of Emanuel Bach, and a wish not only to study it for myself to understand as much as possible, but also be able to communicate as much as possible of what I find to anyone that want to listen.
The music can at times be hard to access. It is difficult to play, both technically and musically. It is extremely dense in content, and can also have long, repeated sections. But through the compact surface, a personal expression breaks through, that can take your breath away.
There are many questions to consider. The questions asked depends on both the professional and on the personal approach: A performer working with a project within the field of artistic research asks – at least in part – other questions than the ones asked by musicologists. Conclusions will thus be different, because the methods applied are different.
The subjective qualities of this repertoire seem to speak very directly to every individual fascinated by it. To me too: The questions arising in the face of repertoire is what makes this music existential for me. This is where I hope to contribute to the field: As a performer, both within the discipline Artistic Research, and in my personal encounter with Emanuel Bach’s music.

See also the complete Project Description, revised September 2016. Full English translation.

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