Festival stunts!

Festival stunts!

Ingrid and her clavichord took part in a more informal part of the Bergen International Festival: Music students were invited to play short stunt concerts at unexpected locations.

By “unexpected locations” I was hoping for a bit more creative tour schedule than just a bunch of restaurants: Even if I brought amplification, I very soon became just background music.

Anyway, at some points I was able to get around the schedule and move the locations a little – e.g. to the reception of the SAS hotel at Ole Bulls plass, see photo:

I find it very hard to create a good environment for communicating a musical experience, when the setting is completely unprepared, like these. Even thou I myself had great fun when I didn’t play in restaurants, I must admit that none of the settings really worked very well.

I will give myself another try at this challenge, to see if I will be able to create a better setting for sharing a musical experience, by being more visible, and even more loud: I will be playing at Bryggen and in The Hanseatic Museum, hopefully when there are still tourists there, and nice weather in the coming month.

Photos from Bryggen: The clavichord is given a ride in a most authentic lift.

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